Walking Excavator 4 - 15 Ton

Technology for the most demanding

The main structure of these exceptional excavators consists of special steel Weldox 700 900.

WELDOX 700 is steel for construction with minimum yield strength of 700 N/mm2 and represents the best combination of good mechanical properties, resilience and excellent weldability. Weldox 900 is a high strength steel (900 N/mm2) offering a unique combination of strength and toughness, plus a first-class workability. It is intended to support structures for which lightness is a key factor; it is used in the construction of the main arms of the excavator.

Diesel engines: we only use the best of the world production, Deutz and Kubota water-cooled engines, all meeting the Tier IV regulations currently in force, these brands guarantee assistance worldwide and spare parts in short time to avoid costly downtime. The installed powers range from 28 kw to 110 kw. Across the range you can install filters to further reduce harmful emissions.

Hydraulic system: ALL our excavators mounted hydraulic load-sensing systems produced by the firm Bosch-Rexroth, the world's largest producer of this type of system. The technology "Flow sharing" LUDV, used in Batemag excavators allows the following advantages: excellent precision in movement control, the ability to control multiple simultaneous operations in all situations, the large number of options available, this system distributes the oil flow delivered by the pump regardless of the different works pressures of the various utilities involved.

LUDV control systems allow a large number of simultaneous movements and independent ones from each other.

Also from 2WD model D.70 Batemag excavators are equipped with independent double-speed hydrostatic pump displacement and flow sharing hydraulics 50/50, this allows for total independence from the main circuit of excavation to ensure maximum performance when using accessories such as cutters, forestry mower, hammers, demolition pliers, etc..

Ultra-comfortable guide seat post complete with cushioned seat Grammar air, heated and with adjustable electric drives, combined with the standard automatic climate control, sliding fore glass and servo-control with minijoystick which make Batemag excavator a machinery with high level of comfort for outstanding, accurate and high quality performances.

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